With the “HLT-100 compact” hot air turbine, electricity can be generated with a wood firing system from a thermal offtake of 400 kW. Due to their complexity and maintenance requirements, other systems – such as ORC systems or steam turbines – only become worthwhile as large-scale systems with a thermal capacity above 2 MW. In many cases, heat offtake all year round cannot be ensured for such high capacities. The hot air turbine therefore fills the gap in the smaller operating range.

Hot-air turbine HLT-100


The hot air turbine is an automated heating station with an electrical capacity of 80 to 105 kW. The waste heat generated during electricity production is used in this combined heat and power system to offer a thermal capacity of 465 kW in the form of hot water.

Electricity is generated through an externally fired Brayton process, whereby air from the atmosphere is compressed, heated to 680°C in the hot gas heat exchanger by the hot flue gases from combustion and expanded in the turbine, which drives a generator. Some of the turbine exhaust air, which is still hot, is used as combustion air in the furnace and some is used to generate hot water.

The hot flue gases from the combustion process are partly recirculated after the hot gas heat exchanger. The remaining flue gases are cooled down in the economiser and cleaned via multi-cyclones and electrostatic precipitators before being discharged via the flue. The further utilisation of turbine exhaust air and flue gases ensures high overall efficiency of the facility.

Area of application

  • Heating systems with constant thermal offtake of at least 400 kW (e.g. a heating network with a heat requirement of 400 kW during the summer months)
  • Base load boiler in combination with a peak load boiler

Technical data

Fuel: untreated wood chips moisture 35 – 55
Combustion chamber:
Schmid moving grate UTSR 1200
Combustion capacity: 820 kW
designed for inlet temperature of 500°C,
28'000 rpm
Flue gas cleaning:
multi-cyclone and electrostatic precipitator
Thermal capacity: 465 kW
Electrical capacity: 80 – 105 kW gross
Own consumption: – 18 kW
Electrical efficiency: 13 %
Thermal efficiency: 63 % (incl. exhaust air use)
Overall efficiency: 76 %
Required space: 8 m x 4 m x 8 m

More information about our hot air turbine technology, along with the latest news on the construction progress, can be found here.

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