Strategic Partnership

Eco Fuels are delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Schmid AG – energy solutions to deliver new systems, and after-sales support for existing systems.  Schmid wish to assure existing customers that in the wake of the demise of Imperative Energy, Eco Fuels are able to offer full breakdown, maintenance and parts to support all Schmid installations in the UK.

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Renewable Energies

Are becoming increasingly significant in the sustainable production of heat and electricity. Schmid energy solutions provides sophisticated system concepts for wood and biomass energy sources. Our energy Solutions are being applied by a whole variety of users and occupy an important place in their daily lives.

A bold change of Perspectives

Sometimes you just have to immerse yourself in something to discover something new. This is why at Schmid we give the development of innovations the necessary time and space it needs.

Schmid - Your partner in all aspects of wood energy

We offer wood firing systems for family homes up to large scale systems up to 6.5 MW capacity. Our versatile product catalogue guarantees customer made solutions of highest quality as far as capacity and type of fuel are concerned.


Global environmental problems and the increasing shortage of resources are making alternative sources of energy such as wood more and more important. Trade and industry now form a very important customer category. This edition reports on their motives and the wide range of potential applications.

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Wood as a fuel is predominantely used to generate heat. Generating electricity from wood energy com- bined with the recovery of waste heat is going to become increasingly more important in the future.

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The focus of the current edition is the hotel sector. This sector has high energy requirements and is concentrating on holistic "green marketing". Schmid has installed numerous systems at various hotels in recent years.

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